Build brighter futures

$45 per month for one child

Beneficiaries include: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Kashmir (Pakistan), Somalia, Rohingya & Guyana

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    Please give us a call between 9:00AM and 5:00PM EST: 1 800-587-6424


Donation Policy: HCI is committed to managing the resources entrusted to us in a transparent and responsible manner. This includes ensuring specified funds for countries are spent accordingly. However, should HCI receive funds which, for various reasons, are not eligible for the designated programs, donations will be allocated towards areas most needed to safeguard other vulnerable communities.
Donation Refund: Can a registered charity return a gift to a donor? In most cases, a registered charity cannot return a donor's gift. At law, a gift transfers ownership of the money or other gifted property from the donor to the charity. Once the transfer is made, the charity is obliged to use the gift in carrying out its charitable purposes. See Canada Revenue Agency

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